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Mikel Huerga`s blog

Monday, 9 January 2017


In this second part of the course we have worked on some new resources, many of them very important for our digital competence in the classroom. Let me mention what I think that has been more important:

Interactive whiteboard:
We have worked on interactive whiteboard, a part of the subject that I think it is very important, as we will probably use them in the future. We learnt some ideas about it, and what it is more important, we have used them. This has been vital, because this kind of technology is very concrete, and we wouldn´t have learnt so much hadn´t we used them in reality.

We have talked about some options of Dropbox, but I think this wasn´t much important, as we all use Dropbox regularly, so we already had a good background of it.

We have learnt to create podcasts, and we did create one short class with audio through podcast. I think this will be very useful for us in the future, especially on english classes, where listening is so important.

This is another program we have worked on, which I think it was not very important to deal with, because almost everybody use it regularly in his real life. In my personal case, I work with Skype daily, so this part wasn´t very useful for me.

We have learnt to use excel, especially in order to create evaluation spreadsheets. I think this is very useful in general, although unfortunately, I already knew that tool as I work with it. Nonetheless, I think for most students it has been interesting.

This is one of the most important resources we have worked on, in my opinion. For me, learning about this tool has been very important, as I am pretty sure I will use it. Not only in the future, in the classroom, but also in the near future, as I can use it for chess purposes too: quizzes, questions, exams, homeworks, and so on.
Through this site, we can create lots of different kind of exercises, and send them to the students, setting a deadline, and so on.

Web pages:
And for finishing this part of the course, we have learnt how to create webpages. This can be useful in the future, to have and share teaching material, but especially for our real life, as nowadays it´s important to have some basic knowledge about this technology.

I think this second part of the course has been very interesting. Maybe we could have worked more on resources like Edmodo and Modomatic, rather than Skype or Dropbox. In general, I´d rather we have spent more time on the new programs we have known, and less on the general program we already should know.

Anyway, the time spent has been very useful, and I think that, in any way, all these resources will help us in the future.
I am sure this subject is very important for future teachers, and its global philosophy has been very appropriate. In my case, I am sure I have learnt several things which I will use in the future.

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